Exercise smarter, not harder.


Lose weight, build muscle, reduce joint pain & stiffness, rehabilitate.


Achieve a streamlined, stronger, more agile body.


Decrease stress and improve your mind-body connection.

EnCore Pilates is physical therapist owned and operated, with instructors who are certified through STOTT PILATES and the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). We offer group mat and equipment classes, private sessions, and semi-private sessions. We are also the only Pilates studio in Gainesville to offer Kinesio Taping.

  • I began training with Shannon a few years ago to increase my mobility, lose weight, and to increase my overall health.  Even though my weight has fluctuated over time, my flexibility and skills have continued to improve. My posture has improved as well as my range of motion. My flexibility has been admired by others struggling to reach past their toes.  My yoga and other Cross-fit exercises are improved by the activities and skills that...read more
    Kate A.
  • My whole family really enjoys training at EnCore Pilates. Shannon makes it fun as well as challenging, and is able to create workouts that accommodate all of our physical issues and goals. Thank you!
    Jody D.
  • After discovering a spinal instability problem limited my exercise options, I worked with Shannon at EnCore Pilates and she helped me identify the ideal Pilates techniques which have kept me moving and more stable. Her specialized rehab-based class for spinal stability has not only been a life-saver, it’s quite fun!
    Suellen D.
  • Pilates Golf training with Shannon has improved my ability to maintain my spine angle and increased my upper and lower body rotational separation. My hip strength, core strength and rotational flexibility have improved to the point that I have been able to increase the distance I am able to carry each iron by an additional 7 yards! Thanks, EnCore!
    Doug W.
  • Pilates was critical to developing my core strength in preparation for and and in my recovery from surgery. Prior to moving to Gainesville, I lived in large metropolitan areas where I was fortunate to have access to top-notch Pilates studios. I was so pleased to find that the Encore Pilates studio instructors offered the same high, classical training standards and focus on achieving results safely. They are exceptionally skilled instructors who teach with professionalism, passion,...read more
    Jennifer L.
  • When a friend recommended Pilates to me a few years ago, I was skeptical. After all, I’m a guy and Pilates is for women…right? Boy, was I wrong. Many of my Encore Pilates classmates are men and it has done a world of good for all of us. We have improved our golf game AND our fitness because we are stronger, more agile, more relaxed and feel better since becoming involved at Encore Pilates. Plus,...read more
    Robert H.