We encourage you to register for classes or private sessions with our online scheduling program or download the MindBody APP. Call us for assistance getting started with your EnCore Pilates user ID and password, or click the “LOG IN” link above.

To participate in a class, or if you are new to Pilates, we recommend a Private Pilates Session in order for you to learn the Principles of Pilates and demonstrate safe operation of the equipment (Reformer, Chair, Tower). If you have previously done Mat Pilates or STOTT PILATES® Equipment Classes, you are welcome to test out a class with us and see if it meets your needs. Together, your instructor and you will decide what level class is ideally suited for you. Class levels are based on Pilates experience and familiarity with Pilates technique as well as strength, coordination, and the influence of your past medical history.

Intro classes: for clients new to pilates
Level 1 = Beginner
Level 2 = Intermediate
Level 3 = Advanced

Class Descriptions


An invigorating class for the Pilates participant who has completed at least three (3) private sessions or one month of pilates classes. Class instruction includes Pilates movements performed on the mat focusing specifically on abdominal strengthening and core control with proper body alignment. Participants may also use Pilates props such as the foam roll, stability ball, toning balls, Fitness Circle, and more!


This class guides you through a natural progression of the Pilates principles primarily on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer further enhancing your knowledge of postural alignment and breathing. This is a great place to start Pilates classes and often supports the spine well.  In addition to strengthening your core and increasing overall coordination and flexibility, you will learn new skills and Reformer exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals and prepare you for your next physical challenge. Participants will incorporate the use of various Pilates props such as the foam roll, stability ball, toning balls, Fitness Circle, and more!


A class for the Pilates participant who has completed at least one month of Pilates classes or three (3) private sessions. Class instruction will include Pilates movements performed on the Tower/Cadillac focusing specifically on abdominal strengthening and core control with proper body alignment and higher level upper and lower body challenges. Participants may also incorporate the use of various Pilates props such as the foam roll, stability ball, toning balls, and more!


Not your Grandmother’s chair! This class uses the Pilates-Chair to challenge your core, shoulder, and hip strength as well as your balance, building on the principles learned in your private sessions, Reformer, and Mat classes. Pre-requisites for this class: three (3) private sessions or one month prior Pilates class experience.


Pilates Reformer based class with Cardio-trampoline attached to challenge your coordination and cardiovascular fitness with more complex jumping intervals using the Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder. Learn to ensure safety and proper technique while incorporating strengthening exercises for upper and lower body as well as the all-important core. Designed for physically stable clients, this intense workout delivers all-over fitness.


This Beginner-Intermediate level class is not for pure beginners. Pre-requisites are instructor approval and/or prior Pilates classes on the equipment. It will challenge your core stability, flexibility, and coordination as you move through stations on the various pieces of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrels). Other small props may be used including, but not limited to: hula hoop, rotational discs, foam roll, ball and BOSU.

Spinal Stability / Back Rehab

Strained your back? Recovering from a back injury, but completed your physical therapy? Learn how to exercise smarter and protect your back in your pilates classes with THIS class! This specialized Reformer/Chair/Tower-based class focuses on the post-rehab principles of lower back stabilization and strengthening. Use of mat-work and small props like the foam roll and stability balls will also be emphasized.  

*Please note: Due to the highly specialized rehab-based education and programming for this class, this class does not apply to regular Drop-in or 10-Class package pricing. Purchase under “Spinal Stabilization/Back Care Class.”

Strengthen and Protect your Spine

This intermediate rehab-based class will focus on increasing the stability of the spine as a progression from Spinal Stability/Back Rehab Class.  It also focuses on higher level strengthening and stretching the body, incorporating the Pilates Principles of breathing, core stabilization, alignment, body awareness and control. Participants will primarily work on the Reformer, Chair or Tower with occasional mat, ball, foam roll, BOSU, Versa-Disc, or functional movement activities.


A great class to create variety in your workouts! Enhance your pilates technique with more cardio in this unique class using the Barre. Cardio, balance, core, hip, shoulder, and back strengthening challenge, you along with flexibility work, at the Barre.  Occasionally, Barre class is programmed to challenge your balance without the actual use of the Barre! You will gain hip and ankle stability while elevating your heart rate to a healthy level in a fun atmosphere. Pilates principles are applied to make the moves anatomically correct while incorporating dance and yoga movements as well. Use of props will be included such as small balls, toning balls, weights, therabands, and more!

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is designed to help each of our clients be accountable and consistent with their pilates practice. We do not double-book spots, so if a client cancels late, they have taken the opportunity for another person to have a session. Our service, value, and beautiful facility are possible with your understanding of these policies.

  • Appointments and Classes are scheduled and paid for in advance.
  • If you cancel an appointment or class with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged. Irregular attendance of reserved weekly appointments may result in a loss of that time slot.
  • Fees and payments are non-refundable.
  • Sessions and Class purchases expire 60 days after the date of purchase.

Make-up Policy

We understand that occasionally illnesses and emergencies happen, and you may not be able to participate in every class for which you have registered. However, if your life is frequently composed of emergent situations or requires you to maintain an inconsistent schedule, we highly recommend that you register on the day of the class you wish to attend, rather than pre-register and risk a late cancelation fee, per our Cancellation Policy. If you must miss a pre-purchased session or class and can cancel with greater than 24 hours notice, our mobile app (MindBody Express) or online scheduling software system (MindBody) permits you to register for a make-up class on the schedule with no penalty. Please note, you have 60 days from the date of purchase before your purchase expires.