We welcome you to stop by for a preview of our facility at 4140 NW 37th Place, Suite C in Gainesville, in the Metro Corp Center. While there you may fill out your health forms and/or confirm your first session with us.

Once you are set up, we encourage you to register for classes or private sessions with our online scheduling program. Click the “LOG IN” link at the top right of this page, or call us for assistance in establishing your EnCore Pilates user ID and password.


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EnCore Pilates Health Forms

Initial Private Session

The initial session includes a postural evaluation, a detailed review of your relevant past medical history, and specific functional strength and flexibility testing in order to assess your suitability for Pilates training, as well as to establish specific goals for your body’s needs. Please note: Although wonderful to think so, every Pilates class or exercise is NOT suitable for every person’s body and this Initial Private Session helps you and your instructor determine what’s ideal for you!

Please download our health forms and bring them with you at the time of your first Private Session Appointment.

What to Wear

Your attire should allow you to move with comfort and ease.

We suggest that women wear a comfortable T-shirt layered over a sports bra or support tank top, allowing observation of your spine and upper body posture. As for pants, please wear bicycle shorts, yoga pants or leggings with an elastic waist, or shorts that are not too short or revealing. We suggest that men wear a T-shirt and bicycle or gym shorts.

Pilates can be performed barefoot or with socks, but shoes are not usually required unless specifically requested by your instructor. Please refrain from wearing jewelry or watches.