I have been taking pilates classes for at least 10 years, and Shannon Edwards is the best instructor I have ever trained with. She makes each class fun, each class different, and is patient and kind. Additionally, phone app is GREAT, and makes it so easy to book a class, see the schedule, see when payment is due, and it really makes a difference for a person with a busy life.

I began training with Shannon a few years ago to increase my mobility, lose weight, and to increase my overall health.  Even though my weight has fluctuated over time, my flexibility and skills have continued to improve. My posture has improved as well as my range of motion. My flexibility has been admired by others struggling to reach past their toes.  My yoga and other Cross-fit exercises are improved by the activities and skills that I learned at Encore Pilates.

When I was preparing for a hysterectomy, my doctor confirmed Pilates was the best exercise I could do to strengthen my abdominal muscles prior to surgery. I credit Encore Pilates for improving my core and shortening my recovery period after surgery.

My whole family really enjoys training at EnCore Pilates. Shannon makes it fun as well as challenging, and is able to create workouts that accommodate all of our physical issues and goals. Thank you!

After discovering a spinal instability problem limited my exercise options, I worked with Shannon at EnCore Pilates and she helped me identify the ideal Pilates techniques which have kept me moving and more stable. Her specialized rehab-based class for spinal stability has not only been a life-saver, it’s quite fun!

Pilates Golf training with Shannon has improved my ability to maintain my spine angle and increased my upper and lower body rotational separation. My hip strength, core strength and rotational flexibility have improved to the point that I have been able to increase the distance I am able to carry each iron by an additional 7 yards! Thanks, EnCore!

Pilates was critical to developing my core strength in preparation for and and in my recovery from surgery. Prior to moving to Gainesville, I lived in large metropolitan areas where I was fortunate to have access to top-notch Pilates studios. I was so pleased to find that the Encore Pilates studio instructors offered the same high, classical training standards and focus on achieving results safely. They are exceptionally skilled instructors who teach with professionalism, passion, dedication and attention to form and detail. Sessions are rigorous and enriched by the cheerful humor of the instructors. I cannot thank them enough for their mentorship throughout my rehabilitation and in helping me achieve my fitness goals. I am so grateful for the agility and strength Pilates has given me!

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When a friend recommended Pilates to me a few years ago, I was skeptical. After all, I’m a guy and Pilates is for women…right? Boy, was I wrong. Many of my Encore Pilates classmates are men and it has done a world of good for all of us. We have improved our golf game AND our fitness because we are stronger, more agile, more relaxed and feel better since becoming involved at Encore Pilates. Plus, Pilates at Encore is challenging and fun!

One of the things that differentiates Encore Pilates is the personal attention we get from the instructors at EnCore Pilates. It’s totally different than gym-based Pilates. Even though we are in a class of 6-7 people, they ensure we are doing the exercises correctly to achieve maximum benefit and lessen risk of injury. They always go out of their way to change up the classes and make them more interesting.

As a former college and professional athlete, I thought I had most of the training techniques figured out. But shortly after starting with Shannon at Encore Pilates, I realized there was a whole new world of exercise and strengthening that Pilates could bring to me. I continue to be impressed by the fact that you don’t have to lift a huge amount of weight, you don’t have to work out for 3 hours at a time, but instead if you stay focused on specific intrinsic and core muscle groups, you can get a tremendous amount of work done in a relatively brief period of time. Encore Pilates has literally changed my life. When I first began working with Shannon I could not walk more than three or four blocks because of all the pain I was experiencing in my sciatic nerve. In a very short period of time, Shannon began to correct that problem and work on others I was having. The blend of Shannon’s knowledge concerning Pilates and her background as a physical therapist and health coach is a perfect combination. She has taught me so much about human anatomy, exercise, posture, eating and dietary habits and how they all are integrated. I have already recommended many people to Shannon I would not hesitate to do so again. As an overall training regiment Pilates is beyond reproach. I cannot imagine going through a week without doing the Pilates workouts. I am forever grateful for what Encore Pilates and Shannon has meant to me over the last several years and look forward to working with her in the years to come.

I am thrilled to share my personal experience and recommendations for Encore Pilates and its owner Shannon! A long-time runner, I sought out Pilates classes over 10 years ago to strengthen other body parts. As I also care for my adult son who uses a wheelchair, I needed to keep my back and core as injury-free as possible. Shannon and her instructors have helped me far exceed my initial goals.

Every class has different, carefully planned exercises which build on existing skills but challenge each of us individually. Classes are small, so the instructors are able to give individual cues with gracious guiding, so those of us that might forget or lapse into a not-so-good use of our muscles can self-correct. We are also  challenged by the ever-new routines which blend movements we may have all done before but now integrate differently. Shannon is also able to use her training as a PT and Athletic Trainer to keep us moving when we do tweak something outside of class and thus, help us heal well.

I look forward to each pilates class adventure with Shannon and hope to continue for another 10+ years!

I have taken Pilates classes with Shannon Foley for over 12 years. My mother had severe osteoporosis and I have been concerned about the strength of my bones since I reached adulthood. When I began Pilates I was borderline osteopenia. Since doing Pilates, all of my bone density tests have been positive.

No matter how badly I feel, after a Pilates session I always feel better. I would take a Pilates class every day if I could, but my body needs rest between sessions. Shannon has helped me determine how much and what type of Pilates exercises are best for me.

Pilates has had many benefits for me. My core is stronger than I would ever have believed possible. My balance constantly improves. My posture is better and Pilates has made me much more aware of maintaining good posture. I have fallen a number of times during the years but have never hurt myself. I attribute that to the strength that I have gained through Pilates.

Shannon has always been “on call” for me and for my husband when I/we have had physical problems. Her advice has been invaluable and I so appreciate that she will tell me what she thinks and if she does not know, she will do research to get as much information as possible.

I have had a number of talks about diet and nutrition with Shannon over the years that have been very helpful. She has offered me recommendations, books, websites and shared with me some of her own dietary ideas and recipes.

Pilates is an extremely important part of my life. I am very healthy and try to take care of myself. I am also very fortunate and one part of my good fortune was to begin Pilates no later than I did. I think Pilates, with excellent instructors like Shannon Foley would be beneficial to everyone.

I had a stroke in 2008 and have left-sided weakness and numbness. I began once a week sessions with Shannon in January 2014.

What I like about Pilates is it is a different kind of exercising. Shannon has taught me to breathe differently and use my core muscles. I know my trunk, front and back, is stronger, and my left knee has more range of motion now.

Each session I have with Shannon is different, and she explains specifically what she is working on with me. That gives me a better understanding of what I am doing and how it helps me get stronger – plus she is pretty funny! I really look forward to my weekly sessions with Shannon.

Six months after delivering my second child, my entire back spasmed up. Following treatment with muscle relaxers and aggressive physical therapy, I got rid of the pain, but never for more than about three months. My P.T. told me I had an “unstable pelvis” and I would most likely be in and out of physical therapy the rest of my life. When I read about Pilates in a Gainesville Sun article, I investigated it and discovered Shannon Foley, who, at the time, worked one-on-one with clients. That was in 2000 and I have not stopped training and learning from her. I have no back pain, my core is pretty strong (for a 60+ woman!) and I have seen a P.T once in 14 years. I have been a part of Encore Pilates since its beginning and plan on continuing exercising there till I’m 90!

I never knew the power within until Pilates. In spite of having scoliosis, I have been able to lead an active exercise regimen including long distance running and cycling. But at age 55, I became almost paralyzed with chronic, intense low back and hip pain. Hoping to find relief, I tried many different treatment approaches – yoga, therapeutic massage, chiropractic adjustments, and weight lifting – but nothing worked. After months of no relief and prodding from several close friends, I went to see Shannon at Encore Pilates. Several months later, I was pain free and could move again!

The key was attending a minimum of two Pilate sessions per week and dedicating time to regular Pilates exercise at home. Through this experience, I realized that by building strong core muscles that support and stabilize my spine I am able to keep my scoliosis in check.

Once I physically began to feel better, I found I wanted to take better overall care of myself and improve my diet. Again, based on prodding from a friend and information from Shannon, I committed to a 21 day cleanse using Dr. Junger’s CLEAN program. Following the 21 day cleanse, I lost 8 lbs. and learned to eat in a healthy way, rather than starving myself of important nutrients.

It has been a year since joining Encore Pilates and 6 months since beginning a healthy, clean way of eating. During this time, I have been faithful to my Pilates workouts and to eating well and as a result, I feel healthier, stronger, and happier in mind and spirit than I have in years!

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